In 2014 KPMG released the first version of the Sofy Suite because we believed that the embedding of KPMG knowledge in ready-to-use analytical solutions would provide clients with a solution to run their business smarter. We bundled various solutions on a common platform to help clients accelerate their digital ambitions and leverage their data to tackle various business challenges.

The intelligence in our solutions is delivered by embedding intellectual property, experience from consulting projects and industry standards into a cutting edge technology platform that applies these better practices on your business data. Together with our clients we are working on a continuous basis to improve and expand our solutions portfolio. Combining our knowledge with your company data and organization specifics will provide you with novel insights and ready-to-use data driven solutions. Our industrialized technology allows us to make these solutions available to you really quickly. It helps you to focus on realizing business benefits and making your business better – whilst we take care of the rest.

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