Actualities In The SaaS (Software as a Service) World

SaaS (Software as a Service) has rapidly evolved from a new additional concept for different businesses into the gold standard for technology. For example, statistics show that 73% of companies have indicated that nearly all of their apps will be running on SaaS by 2020. The main reason is that SaaS provides financial savings for many businesses, with small and large businesses benefitting the most.

However, when the popularity of a product like SaaS grows to such a degree, misconceptions and misinterpretations can become prevalent. In the following sections, we aim to clear up some of these myths by discussing some truths about the actualities in the SaaS world, both in practice and as a concept.

SaaS is less reliable than on premise applications

There are those who may not advocate for SaaS as a concept and who may have concerns that, compared to installing on-the-premises software, they are getting a product that is less likely to be reliable and successful. To bolster their claims, these critics may be inclined to highlight some of the high profile-examples of SaaS failures.

It is important to note however that, statistically, these are isolated incidents when compared to the sheer number of people using SaaS successfully. Additionally, some of the examples of SaaS breaches can be attributed to poor practices or human error, rather than to actual technical failures

SaaS is limited as a concept

Piggybacking off the previous example, those with little or no knowledge of SaaS may think that options are limited in terms of functionality which could encourage them to stick with their on premise options.

However, this is a fallacy. The surge of interest in SaaS means that there is now a much greater likelihood of finding a SaaS solution to meet your business needs than in previous years. It’s simply a matter of finding the best option to suit you.

Another myth surrounding this concept is the idea that an on premise installation provides you with a more feature-rich package. This is simply no longer the case.

Myth: SaaS is a poor idea for IT professionals

When adopting new technology, there is often a fear that it may have a potential impact on the existing jobs and livelihoods of current employees. Many of the people with little or no knowledge of SaaS assume that adopting this new technology means that IT professionals may be affected or even replaced.


However, this is untrue. Rather than becoming obsolete, most IT professionals will simply change their work processes from being based solely in their local departments to being central cloud providers. In addition, SaaS technology makes IT professionals’ work much easier by automating and simplifying certain processes.


Clearing up some of the myths and misconceptions about the world of SaaS is essential to ensure that businesses and clients leverage these tools to their full potential. It’s also important that they work in partnerships which will help them to integrate these tools successfully into their business models.


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