Data Management

Improve data quality

Our solutions helps you improve the quality of your master data and reference data by detecting anomalies based on patterns and business rules and guiding business users to correct them.


Streamline processes

Smooth data entry and maintenance processes are enabled by our worklow and analytics solutions. Streamlined processes makes your business run faster and helps you maintain the quality of data.


Track data locations and flows

Having a solid repository of data (storage and processing) locations and connections is essential to rapidly deliver data innovations as well as enable compliance with regulations.


Enhance data governance

By cataloging your data objects, attributes and standards and managing the change process our solution helps you to improve your data governance practices.

Data Quality Monitoring
Get fact based insights on your data quality using our data quality monitoring solution.
A flexible business rule builder enables the rapid configuration of business specific rules on your datasets that together with our industry library provide great transparency on opportunities for improvement.
The notification features help you signal data quality entry issues in real time to business users to educate them and work towards sustainable improvements.
Data Governance
Use our data governance solution to maintain data governance standards and data definitions.
Support the change process around these standards using our customizable workflows that make the process transparent.
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Data Management Applications
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