Finance process insights

Better understand how your finance processes are executed helps you to manage your teams more effectively and accelerates development of improvement opportunities that drive business value.


Automate processes & controls

Free up time and improve quality by automating manual processes steps and finance controls. Our solution provides an effective off-the-shelf solution that automates various finance controls out of the box.


Assess impact regulatory change

Regulatory changes, such as IFRS16, can cause a significant workload for finance teams to assess impact, determine change strategy and implement the required changes. Our analytics solutions support you to quickly assess the impact of any regulatory change and develop a lean change strategy.


Better business reporting

Add more value to the business by enhancing reporting and proactively providing insights to business teams on how they can better serve customers and improve the bottom line.

Continuous Control Monitoring
Automate finance and business controls based on data flowing through your systems to tightly control your business processes.
Continuous Control Monitoring ingests data from your business systems and applies controls from our library or you defined using our user friendly rule builder.
Alerts and tasks are assigned to business users to build a closed-loop feedback system that educates business users and improves process quality and compliance.
Manual Journal Entry analytics
Enables your organization to easily identify potentially risky manual journal entries and take action upon those with the help of the provided configurable analysis, reporting and workflows.
The solution sends out notifications to responsible users and enables them to review the entries and register their findings, rationale and evidence to support entries.
Predefined reporting is included to make sure you can always track progress and identify areas where action is required.
IFRS16 impact assessment
Simulates the impact of the different IFRS16 transition options on your company’s P&L, balance sheet and cash flow. All complex simulations will run in the background and the results will be presented through interactive dashboards and graphs.
More simulation granularity is achieved with the possibility to zoom into individual leases.
You can change dimensions per individual lease and assess its impact on P&L, balance sheet and cash flow. These dimensions include duration, cost, premium uplift and rent change of a lease.
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Finance Applications
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