Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Data driven risk management

Our solutions automate risk and compliance activites based on your company data. Driving your risk and compliance processes based on data driven insights helps you focus on the real business risks.


More certainty

Automated control execution provides more certainty because more data is analyzed and the controls are executed more consistently. More certainty means you can run your business with peace of mind.


Collaboration between all stakeholders

Control exceptions are handled by business. Internal control and internal audit can directly collaborate around any issues or fall-out – all together in one integrated solution.


Executive level transparency

Real time board level transparency on actual compliance, control effectiveness and risk exposure.

The GRC platform
Access management
Analyze and manage your end-to-end access management process to ensure it is fully controlled
Obtain insights into segregation of duties compliance and recommendations to remediate violations
Delivers access request workflows that facilitate the process from user request up to automated provisioning of access in the target IT system. In the process SoD checks and other compliance/approval controls are fully embedded
Controls management
Manage your control framework(s) in one single repository over different business hierarchies and over all processes
Centralized control execution and testing platform enabling all control testers in your organization
Real-time insights in your framework, control testing status and results
Risk management
Organize risk management activities and maintain risks and effects
Link control measures that mitigate risks
Plan and perform periodic risk assessments with stakeholders to determine probability and impact
Policy & Regulations management
Maintain relevant policies, standards and regulations and track translation into organization specific policies
Drive awareness across the organization using (policy change) notifications
Map compliance efforts to all relevant policies to avoid effort duplication and maintain central compliance oversight
Continuous controls monitoring
Automate your controls based on data. Brings many benefits such as higher control frequency, less control failures and reduced execution effort
Use library containing hundreds of automated standard controls to complement your business specific controls
Provide data & analytics dashboards to stakeholders that drive compliance and process insights
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