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How GRC Is Evolving

How GRC Is Evolving Unfortunately, as technology continues to advance, the risk of Governance, Risk and Compliance related issues only grows. From the risk of non-compliance to changing legislation, to malicious actors trying to access private data through fraud, there are always going to be modern threats to businesses out there. The silver lining here [...]

Compliance in practice: “Believe my Excel sheet”

Compliance in practice: “Believe my Excel sheet” In many companies it’s standard practice: sending a flood of e-mails and Excels to the various business units for the periodic audit. Departments fill in the questionnaires, mail them back and the head office goes through them. But how does an organisation know if it is compliant today, [...]

KPMG Sofy GRC Solution

Why KPMG Sofy GRC Solution?

How to overcome the burdens of risk and compliance?

Do you have a complete overview of your controls and do you know what your control objectives are?

How to control your ERP access configuration

ERP systems are complex IT solutions that support business processes within organisations. Such systems support a large spectrum of configurations and customisation.

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