Tax Insights

Efficient tax function

Our data driven solution will help make your tax function more efficient by automating routine processes, reducing errors and identifying potential issues faster. Your tax team will have more time to focus on more strategic activities and run more efficiently.


Enhanced tax compliance

Intelligent algorithms and data crunching tools will help you to better control financial transactions and validate if all relevant regulations and policies are applied in all business scenarios.


Faster tax reporting

The integrated data aggregation, adjustment processing and workflow modules will support you to streamline your tax reporting processes and help you to turn around reports for tax authorities, regulators and other stakeholders faster than ever before.


Data driven insights

As we monitor and streamline your tax processes, our algorithms will identify unique insights based on transactional data that will support you in making better management decisions. Insights can be made available to business stakeholders automatically to increase the business benefits of the tax function.

Data insights
Apply customizable intelligent routines and analytics to identify exceptional transactions and posting errors.
Smart workflows drive issue correction in the source.
Complex tax rules captured in automated checks to ensure compliance and utilize tax saving opportunities
Statutory filing
Use extracted data to prepare a filing.
Make any manual adjustments as needed with clear audit trails.
Have the submissions reviewed by organization stakeholders.
Submit the filing automatically to governments.
Teach tax to our machine
(Re-)classify transactions tax codes, cost center or exempt status for transactions that were marked by our artificial intelligence.
By correcting data based on the feedback you teach the algorithms the nuances of your specific business.
Over time our recommendations will keep getting better.
Tax risk management
Collaborate between finance and tax in real time around tax issues and filing.
Overview dashboard providing stakeholder transparency on process status and issues.
Cloud based solution provides you with access 24/7 from any location to your data.
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Strategy & Operations Applications

Applications in Tax Insights



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